Our Approach to Your Home

Home Staging Consultation

It’s important to start with a Consultation because:


All owner-occupied homes, before being put on the market, can benefit from professional advice and an objective eye.

The basic goal is to make the home “move-in ready” and remove buyer objections, but ultimately have the buyer fall in love and have to live there.

While some homeowners take our recommendations and do it all themselves, a consultation is required before we are engaged to stage an owner-occupied home.


A Consultation includes:

  • Discussion of your goals and expectations

  • Walk-through of the house or apartment with “buyer’s/renter’s eyes”

  • An assessment of furniture, accessories, room focal points and balance, paint color and condition, flooring color and condition, lighting adequacy, traffic flow, smells, clutter, curb appeal, and updates and repairs needed, among other things

  • Paint color recommendations, if required and time allows

  • List of qualified, preferred resources provided (e.g., painters, handymen, etc.), if required

  • Transformation of a portion of a room to several rooms if time allows

  • Proposal of staging and other services, including estimated costs, for those recommendations you don’t want to do yourself

The Consultation is a minimum of 2 hours but can take longer for large properties. Our fee varies depending upon the location of the property and the amount of time. Contact us for more information on our fees.

Our ultimate goal is to make a buyer or renter fall in love with your home and HAVE to live there


  • We first eliminate buyer/renter turn-offs such as clutter, dirtiness, repairs and updates needed, and smells, among other things

  • We then assess the style of the home or apartment as well as the likely target buyer/ renter demographic

  • We portray a lifestyle to them that they aspire to, through the use of just the right furniture and accessories, using what we have and decorative accessories

  • We don’t cast a wide net hoping to attract any buyer through our staging, we position your home as a product that needs to be marketed just like any other product

  • We make your house feel like a home; we don’t skimp on furniture or accessories and we pay close attention to details

  • We want to sell or rent your home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. 

Staging of Vacant Homes, Model Houses and Apartments

It’s important to stage vacant spaces because:


  • Empty rooms appear smaller than they really are

  • Without a frame of reference, it’s incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room

  • Vacant houses and apartments appear soulless and no emotional attachment is felt when the buyer walks into a room

  • Small defects will stand out because the buyer will have nothing else to look at


Transformation of a vacant or model house or apartment includes:

  • If necessary, recommending and arranging for enhancements and repairs such as painting, floor refinishing, plumbing and lighting fixture replacement, landscaping and curb appeal enhancement

  • Taking careful measurements and photos of each room

  • Spending time evaluating what furniture and decorative accessories are needed to fit the style of the home and the profile of the target buyer

  • Bringing in our own Furniture and supplies to make your home look great.

  • Having all the additional accessories such as bedding, throw pillows, towels, decorative objects and some non-original artwork, and delivering these to the property for you.

  • Waiting for the furniture delivery and properly placing the furniture

  • Placing all of the accessories and hanging the artwork

  • Packing up our accessories, and in some cases, supervising the removal of the furniture, when the property is sold

  • Once your property is listed, promoting the listing through social media (Instagram, Facebook, twitter), and on our website

Colour Consulting

People are so afraid to pick colours for their homes , they make themselves crazy when it comes to deciding on whether they should go bright or soft, safe or daring.


Picking colours should be fun not fearful, so don’t be afraid! We can help you make the right choices for your entire home, or just partial spaces. 


Contact us today for pricing, and let us be your personal home colour consultant.